The Difference YOU Make

Every donation we receive plays an important role in the operations of Adsum and in the support and housing we are able to provide to hundreds of women, children, youth and transgender persons each year.

Here are some examples of how your monetary gifts make a difference at Adsum:

  • $16 pays for one day of water usage at Adsum Court in Dartmouth for 24 women.
  • $20 pays for an evening of baking for the residents of Adsum House.
  • $30 per day pays property taxes on the Adsum properties.
  • $40 will pay for a Conflict Resolution board game for our Therapeutic Change program at Adsum Centre, where women focus on topics concerning healthy relationships, healthy growing, and personal growth.
  • $50 will pay for new calculators for the residents in our Healthy Living program at Adsum Centre, which focuses on life skills such as nutrition and budgeting.
  • $60 will pay for one month of weekend craft programs at Adsum Centre.
  • $70 buys craft supplies for one month of programming at Adsum House. Having programming available is therapeutic for residents and is integral to maintaining an atmosphere that is safe, positive, and supportive.
  • $100 purchases the groceries for one day of meals and snacks at Adsum House. Our food budget is stretched as we are often over capacity at the shelter. Also former residents stop in from time to time for meals.
  • $100 will pay for 4 new baby monitors for the moms at Adsum Centre.
  • $200 a day, pays for heat and lights at our multi-unit apartment buildings. Women living here pay no more than 30% of their income as rent, including heat and lights.
  • $500 will pay for new and current social work materials for the Road to Recovery Program at Adsum Centre, where residents learn to manage challenges associated with addiction and recovery.
  • $850 pays for one month of Drop In at The Alders. Women can drop in to The Alders without an appointment to take a shower, do laundry, enjoy healthy snacks, and most important of all, make connections with an Adsum social worker.
  • $1000 will contribute toward a new security camera system for Adsum Centre.
  • $2000 will pay for the materials needed to provide the 12 week "Incredible Years" course to moms in the Parenting Program at Adsum Centre.

Donate now or plan a gift to Adsum for Women & Children.

Thank you for bringing Hope, Security, Self-Esteem and Choice to so many.