Brian Barton, Bedbug Detectives awarded Outstanding Small Business Philanthropist Award by MPA

Sniffing Out The Many Great Ways the Community Supports Us

We’re always amazed at the unique ways people support us. We’d thought we’d seen and heard all the most unusual expressions of generosity until we met Brian Barton.

Two years ago we were introduced to Brian Barton, owner of Bed Bug Detectives, a company that specializes in bed bug prevention and control in Atlantic Canada.

Since meeting Adsum, Brian has donated countless hours of volunteer time and services to our organization, with FREE bi-monthly inspections in our locations.

Brian looked at the steps we were taking to control pests and offered to enhance our prevention protocol by volunteering his time to do regular bed bug detection at Adsum House. Brian’s amazing dogs, Red and Dottie, received nearly 1,000 hours of training at the Florida Canine Academy before becoming Certified Bed Bug Removal Canines. Combined with Brian’s two decades of experience in the pest management industry, this trio is a bed bug’s worst nightmare.

“Thank you for considering me and the dogs for this nomination. The dogs are the ones that should be nominated because without them I wouldn't be able to do what I do.” says Brian


Managing four locations that are home to 80 women and children each night requires that Adsum have a solid pest management plan in place. Adsum House is an emergency shelter with 16 or more women, children, youth and transgender individuals staying one or more nights. Therefore we have constant turnaround of the residents at this location. Being proactive helps us provide the safest and healthiest environment possible for our residents, tenants, volunteers and staff. For two years, since first making his generous gift, Brian, Red and Dottie continue to make frequent visits tothe House to ensure we remain bed bug-free and they also make occasional trips to our other locations. This invaluable service not only provides us with the confidence that we are being diligent in our pest management practices , it puts clients, volunteers and staff at ease knowing that Brian, Red and Dottie will make sure we stay free of unwanted critters.



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