35 local Speedy Glass employees will give time, supplies and new mirrors

Halifax (Nova Scotia), October 18, 2016 –

Adsum for Women & Children benefits from unique act of kindness

35 local Speedy Glass employees will give time, supplies and new mirrors

As the Adsum personnel work relentlessly to fight homelessness, a group of Speedy Glass team members will provide solace by heading to Adsum House for an afternoon of cleaning and cooking. The 35 employees will be spending the afternoon cleaning the emergency shelter from top to bottom and will be cooking supper for the 16 women and children who are living here. Speedy Glass is also supplying clients with gift cards to go out for lunch and is making new mirrors for every bedroom and bathroom.

“We’re thankful for the time and abundance of supplies that the Speedy Glass team is providing us. The shelter has been in overflow all summer and we are happy to have a team come in and make Adsum House sparkle,” said Kathy McNab, Fund Development and Communications Officer at Adsum for Women & Children. “Their values of integrity, respect and trust is well in line with ours as we work hard every day to make sure everyone has a safe and secure home. This generous act from wonderful volunteers helps us in achieving our mission to lead change in housing through advocacy, supports and services to end homelessness.”

“This Giving back activity is part of our mission and values, as employees are encouraged to volunteer to support causes of their choice”, said Jennifer Lewis, Operations Support Specialist at Speedy Glass. “We’re happy to help an organization like Adsum for Women & Children, as we can help to make a difference to our local communities.”