What we do in Numbers

In 2017- 2018

Adsum House provided:

  • 5,786 bed nights for emergency shelter for an occupancy rate of 99.1%
  • 172 unique persons, ranging in age from infancy to +70 years, with shelter and support
  • 17,880 meals to residents and visitors
  • 3,112 visits to the Deja Vu clothing room
  • 220 hours of programming
  • 52 women with household items when they moved to housing
  • 6 outdoor Free Sales open to the community
  • At Christmas 110 Adsum clients and 49 children with bags of gifts
  • More than 400 children in the community with bags of toys at Christmas and 155 women & children enjoyed our annual community party
  • Intensive Case Management support to 19 people who had experienced chronic homelessness
  • Bi-weekly on site access to a nurse from MOSH (Mobile Outreach Street Health) 

Adsum Court provided:

  • 27 women and trans with housing, rented at 30% of their income; tenancy ranged from a few months to 20+ years
  • 800 meals prepared by residents together with staff
  • 920 hours of programming
  • 852 food bags from Feed Nova Scotia to supplement residents' groceries
  • 154 meetings with an Adsum social worker

The Alders provided:

  • 12 women and 5 children with affordable housing; tenancy ranged from 6 months to more than 5 years
  • 216 visits to the Drop-In for showers and laundry
  • 410 visits for supportive counselling, referral and advocacy
  • 118 people, including 16 children, with housing searches and support
  • 23 people, including 13 children, with support while transitioning to housing

Adsum Centre provided:

  • 29 women, youth and trans and 5 children with housing and 24-hour support
  • 762 hours of educational, therapeutic and recreational programming
  • 468 hours of one-on-one meetings to residents
  • 13 mothers with the Strengthening Parenting Skills program
  • Program and support to mothers of 14 children and 3 pregnant women
  • 14 children with regular supervised access visits with their mothers
  • 3 children with a home when they were returned to their mother's care while residing at the Centre
  • 9 women and families with support to move on to independent housing
  • Outreach support to 14 women and 11 children; most visits were in person, bi-weekly
  • 10 women and 11 children with ongoing outreach support as they are still housed 6 months after exiting the Centre

Family Condominiums provided:

  • 4 families including 7 children, with safe, quality housing and supplemented rent to make housing affordable
  • Stability with 1 family celebrating four years housed and 1 celebrating two years housed with open ended leases
  • Services and social work support as needed

Diverting Families from Shelter to Home provided:

  • 13 families with stable housing, including 14 adults and 26 children, in the first 7 months of the program
  • 8 families with housing without any stay, not even a day, in emergency shelter
  • 2 families with eviction prevention to stay in their homes
  • Sufficient support that no family stayed at the shelter for the months of February and March