Adsum's staff is made up of more than 40 full-time, part-time and casual employees.

Our main contacts are found below:

Client Support Office, Adsum House  Tel: (902) 423-4443

Sheri Lecker, Executive Director  Tel: (902) 425-3466

Sarah Carrier, Executive Assistant  Tel: (902) 423-5049

Nancy Lamrock, Accounts Administrator  Tel: (902) 429-1112

Valerie Shapiro, Social Work Coordinator  Tel: (902) 429-5129

Kathy McNab, Fund Development and Communications Officer  Tel: (902) 422-3389

Linden Hardie, Program Manager, Adsum Centre  Tel: (902) 876-5120

Fiona Lochhead, Household Coordinator,  Adsum House Tel: (902) 423-4422

Lindsay Jones, Social Worker,  Adsum House Tel: (902) 425-3177

Elizabeth Harvie, Healthy Living Officer, Adsum Centre

Michelle Towill, Social Worker, The Alders  Tel: (902) 492-1120

Michelle Malette- Housing Support Worker, The Alders  Tel: (902) 492-1575

Ferne McCombie, Client Support Officer, Adsum Court   Tel: (902) 442-5059